The Last of the Victory Ships

Pan American Victory

The last four Victory ships owned by the government are on their way toward the scrapyard.    The Maritime Blog recently post somegreat photos of the Pan American Victory, as she transited the Panama Canal not too long ago. She was on her final voyage from San Francisco, CA to Brownsville, TX for scrapping. The Pan American Victory was the first of the last 4 remaining Victory Ships still owned by the U.S. Government to depart the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet. She was shortly followed by the Earlham Victory, Rider Victory, and the Winthrop Victory.

Toward the end of World War II, 535 Victory ships were built in the United States.    Three Victories are still preserved as museum ships – the SS American Victory in Tampa, FL;  the SS Lane Victory in Los Angelos  and the SS Red Oak Victory in Richmond, California.

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