Astrodene’s Historical Naval Fiction Log Book – A New Newsletter

Fans of naval fiction either know or should know of Astrodene’s Historical Naval Fiction web site and forum.   A wonderful resource, lots of great information on books both old and new, as well as very nice folks in the forum.  They are now launching a naval fiction newsletter, “‘Log Book.”   delivered by e-mail (with archival copies available on line.)  Go to the site to sign up.

Based on the first newsletter they are off to a great start.  A brief summary of the current issue:

Last month I was privileged to get an interview with Julian Stockwin ahead of the launch of his new novel in the Kydd series ‘Victory’ and with Alaric Bond who’s new novel ‘True Colours’ is out this month.

There are 3 brand new naval fiction titles out this month together with some paperback edition releases.

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5 Responses to Astrodene’s Historical Naval Fiction Log Book – A New Newsletter

  1. Very cool site! I’ve never heard of it before. Thanks!

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  3. IDESS Maritime Centre says:

    Nice Blog! Keep up!

  4. mark says:

    There is a new historical nautical fiction series out. The story is based on the true exploits of Captain Luke Ryan, infamous swashbuckler, American patriot and Ben Franklin’s most dangerous privateer. The story is told in three books, Gather the Shadowmen, Prince of the Atlantic and Napoleon’s Gold, all available through Amazon…

  5. N. Jay Young says:

    One ship abandoned by her empire, a group of rogue sailors attempting to save her.

    Set in post-war England 1946, this is the story of the square-rigger Bonnie Clyde. She was a grand vessel in her time, but now the sea-weary sailing ship awaits scuttling in the cold waters of the English Channel. A group of rogue sailors, unable to persuade the Admiralty to help save the vessel, plots to take the ship away while it’s under tow to be scuttled. A former Royal Navy officer is lured into conspiring with a Scottish sea captain, his British first mate, an Irish navigator, and a Russian master rigger.

    Together, the crew must outsmart the British Admiralty and Scotland Yard in their attempts to stop the ship as they sail through the English Channel and Irish Sea hoping to deliver the ship to her original home in Dumbarton, Scotland on the River Clyde. During the journey, they fight storms, use clever diversions, astonish its government, and makes modern-day detection nearly obsolete. A sympathetic public opinion, aided by an AP reporter and a host of unlikely co-conspirators become their allies as they struggle to save their ship.