Abby Sunderland Update, Photo of “Wild Eyes”

Wild Eyes, Abby Sunderland's dismasted sailboat

Rough weather is reported to be delaying  the French fishing boat that is on its way to rescue Abby Sunderland.   Her sailboat, Wild Eyes, has been dismasted but has not lost its keel as was earlier reported.   A photograph of the boat,  taken by the spotter plane that located her, has been released.

Rough weather delays teen sailor rescue

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2 Responses to Abby Sunderland Update, Photo of “Wild Eyes”

  1. Glad she’s going to be okay. Who wouldn’t be glad of that? But I’m sad that she’s stunt-sailing. Puts potential rescuers at risk.

  2. ray says:

    u think she was stunt sailing ???

    i cant see a 16 yr old that is chasing a dream
    (like jessica watson) out on the ocean for months,
    alone, fighting the ocean with boat to be just a stunt she has more guts than most adults including
    u. i can see u have never chased a dream.

    i am sorry that i had to fight a war to protect peaple like u, just makes me sick.

    dreaming vet