“Arctic Adventures Aboard the Wanderbird”

For anyone around New York harbor this afternoon and evening, Captains Rick and Karen Miles will be presenting a  slide show of  their “Arctic Adventures Aboard the Wanderbird” at 4pm and  7pm  in the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, Pier 12, Red Hook, Brooklyn. The slideshow covers their cruise this summer of 6,000 miles from Maine to Greenland to Lat 72N.

Wanderbird is a 90′ converted North Sea trawler, now refitted as an expedition cruise vessel accommodating 12 passengers.  The cruises and the accommodations look wonderful. Wanderbird is on her south for the season to the island of Culebra, where she will be offering week long cruises.  Will over at the Tugster blog has some great shots of Wanderbird in New York harbor, here and here.

Thanks to the good folks at PortSide New York for the heads up about the slide show.

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3 Responses to “Arctic Adventures Aboard the Wanderbird”

  1. Hello there Old Salt! Thanks so much for the heads up to all about our slide show! We have had a great time here in Red Hook as we installed a new teak deck on our fine little ship. We’re now bound for the Caribbean for the winter before returning to Newfoundland, Labrador and Greenland next summer. Have a great winter. Fair winds, Rick Miles M/S WANDERBIRD

  2. keith gray says:

    we just returned from a 10 newfoundland trip with rick and karen.no fresh fish ever served on this boat!– even though at every port the locals gave it to the captain rick who froze it for some future trade.instead,maccaroni and cheese,a hamburger, or carrot soup was a meal.no effort was made to accompany our group to tour by karen or rick on any land visits.the showers onboard consist of a rubber tube attached to the sink.all rooms continually smell from sewage toilets kept in your room!email us if you want to hear more about this misadventure

  3. Hi there Keith. Karen and I are sorry that you and Agnes had a less than excellent trip with us. I am not surprised that your cabin was stuffy as you two ever hardly left from it. The crew mentioned several times that they could not get in to tidy up because your cabin was occupied seemingly 24/7. It seems that you and Agnes would have preferred a large cruise ship. That was pretty evident to all on board. I must say that all of the other guests told us that they had a great time and 4 have already signed up for another trip with us. Once again, we are sorry that our cruise aboard Wanderbird was not what you and Agnes expected. Thanks for trying. Fair winds, Captain Rick Miles