Recent Watercolor by Hans Breeman – MV Rotte

Here is a recent watercolor by Hans Breeman showing the MV Rotte owned by NV Houtvaart Rotterdam. The vessel is shown in Hongkong on charter to K-Line (Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd, Tokyo).  Hans Breeman is a Dutch maritime painter who focuses on the merchant ships of the 50s and 60s.  To see more of his marvelous work visit his site  – Hans Breeman and Maritime Art.

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2 Responses to Recent Watercolor by Hans Breeman – MV Rotte

  1. will says:

    thanks . . . this is fantastic art.

  2. This brought back memories of when I was a Deck Apprentice and Junior Officer. Early mornings securing the junks, dhows, or barges alongside in Arabian, Indian and Far East ports. Then breakfast and cargo work for the day plus trading with the junk, dhow, barge crews for local goods. Still have a lot of that stuff around my study. We really did not realise that in fact we were the last generation of seafarers to enjoy that life. How lucky we are to have such memories in retirement. Thank you Hans Breeman for your art, I expect those derricks to start moving working cargo any moment!!
    Good Watch.