Update: HMS Invincible Sold to Turkish Scrappers

HMS Invincible

Last November, we posted about the sale by tender, through an internet site, of the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible. The highest bidder was a Turkish scrapper.

HMS Invincible sold to Turkish ship recyclers

Leyal Ship Recycling, which is based near Izmir, was chosen ahead of a bid by a UK-based Chinese businessman.

Lam Kin-bong – who owns restaurants in the West Midlands – had offered £5m and wanted to turn the former warship into an international school in China.

But a Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “After 25 years of service HMS Invincible was decommissioned nearly six years ago and having reached the end of her distinguished career, it is right that we secure a good financial return for the taxpayer.

“The bid from Leyal Ship Recycling does this and also ensures she is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.”

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3 Responses to Update: HMS Invincible Sold to Turkish Scrappers

  1. What a waste, she could still be resold to some navy cleaned up ready to rebuild.
    Good Watch

  2. Rick says:

    Other than the beleagered US taxpayers, there aren’t too many countries who can afford aircraft carriers these days.

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