New Owner Sought for Cruiser Olympia

Yesterday the Independence Seaport Museum posted a “NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY OF TRANSFER APPLICATION PROCESS FOR CRUISER, OLYMPIA” to formally begin the process of seeking a new owner for the historic cruiser launched in 1892.  From the notice:

The Olympia, Admiral Dewey’s flagship and once the most celebrated, state-of-the art naval vessel afloat, will be scrapped or scuttled unless a new owner can be found. In terms of historic value, the National Historic Landmark Olympia has been equated to the USS Constitution and the Constellation as one of the most important vessels in U.S. Naval history. The ship straddles the shift between the age of sail and the age of steel, and marks the launch of the modern steel Navy. Deferred maintenance has reached a critical stage and the ship requires $2-5 million of immediate stabilization. A further estimated $10-20 million will be required for dry-dock and restoration.

Who May Apply

The following are examples of the types of organizations that are eligible to apply:

  • State
  • Commonwealth
  • Possession of the United States
  • Political subdivision or municipal corporation thereof
  • The District of Columbia
  • A charitable organization tax-exempt under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. An
  • organization must provide a copy of a determination letter by the Internal Revenue Service that the applicant
  • is exempt from tax under the Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c) (3) or submit evidence that the applicant
  • has filed the appropriate documentation in order to obtain tax-exempt status.
  • Or other 501 (c) organizations as approved by the Review Panel

Who May Not Apply

  • Organizations and others that are not eligible to apply include:
  • For-profit organizations or corporations
  • Individuals
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4 Responses to New Owner Sought for Cruiser Olympia

  1. Hmmm well now I think both patriots and pinheads could agree that the Sea Shepherds will not be interested in this one.
    Good Watch.

  2. Steven Toby says:

    I obviously don’t get it. I was hoping some well heeled naval buff would step forward with a very large check. But it says here that only certain types of organizations, no individuals, can apply.

    Why should the Independence Seaport Museum care who it is, as long as someone with the financial means takes the old girl off their hands and saves her from the scrapyard? Is there a deed of gift from the Navy that has restrictions?

  3. Rich says:

    Fortunately, there are good people in Philadelphia trying to save this great ship, the Friends of the Cruiser Olympia ( who are raising money to save the ship and give her a future. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of politics and competition involved, hope that things work out for such a great lady of the sea.

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