Update: XO Movie Night on the Enterprise – the Admiral’s Report

On Thursday Adm. John C. Harvey Jr., the head of Fleet Forces Command, announced the results of the investigation of the aircraft carrier Enterprise videos and recommended punishment for 40 officers and senior enlisted sailors.

Lewd Navy Video Report

Lewd Navy Videos Sink More Than The Captain Who Made Them

Initial reaction from current and former Navy officers and sailors was biting. “How did we end up with people who are offended in charge instead of people who would bite an enemy’s jugular out with his teeth if given the chance?” GIMP wrote on a popular naval blog. “This is the military and our job is killing…My God, just put the ships in drydock, the planes in preservation and line up to get your castrations.”

Adm. John Harvey, the head of the Navy’s Fleet Forces Command, said he has urged that Navy Secretary Ray Mabus issue “secretarial letters of censure” to Capt. Owen Honors and a pair of rear admirals. Harvey relieved Honors of command of the Enterprise in January, shortly before the carrier set sail for combat duty near Afghanistan. Honors exhibited a “profound lack of judgment” and the behavior portrayed on the “violates long-standing norms of exemplary conduct,” the Navy said in a statement. Honors appeared in many of the 25 videos, which most sailors seemed to enjoy as a respite from long days on duty. They showed simulated masturbation, bathroom humor and poked fun at gays.

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  1. This case seems to be a litmus test of sorts. I don’t know what the Navy is like now but back in the day this sort of thing didn’t happen, at least not that I recall.