What the Tsunami Carried Away – Debris at Sea

Photo: Kyoto News

For all the damage that the Japanese tsunami of March 11th left behind on shore,  it also carried considerable wreckage out to sea.   this week the Japanese Coast Guard warned ships to look out for and avoid the floating debris and wreckage.

Japan warns ships to avoid floating houses, debris

The coast guard, which is posting daily reports on the the debris on the Internet, is warning ships to stay about 45 miles farther from the area of a stricken nuclear plant than is required for safety from radiation.

“Our forces have seen everything from cars to tractor-trailers to entire, intact homes floating in the ocean,” say Anthony J. Falvo, a spokesman for the U.S. 7th Fleet, which is helping with recovery efforts.

One small bit of good news this week was that a dog named Ban was rescued from floating rooftop  drifting off Japan’s north-east coast more than three weeks after a quake and tsunami.

Japan tsunami dog reunited with owner

A dog rescued from a roof drifting off Japan’s north-east coast more than three weeks after a quake and tsunami has been reunited with her owner. The owner recognised the dog from a TV news report on the rescue on Friday. The female owner and the two-year-old dog called Ban had an emotional reunion at an animal care centre where she was being looked after.

Where will the wreckage and debris from the tsunami finally turn up?

Japan Tsunami Debris Headed for North American Coast

Scientists at the IPRC have charted its course based on data collected from drifting buoys, and say it will reach the north edge of Hawaii by March 2012, and begin dumping trash on North American beaches two years later. Its ultimate destination is the so-called North Pacific Garbage Patch.

Thanks to Phil Leon for passing several articles along.

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