Divers of the Lost Ark?

The Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Invincible was sold to Turkish scrappers last February. Now bids are open for the sale of  HMS Ark Royal. While scrapping seems a likely outcome the tender allows that “alternatively the vessel may be purchased for re-use/refurbishment for non-warlike purposes.”   Now Shiptalk has word that  a Devon based diver is bidding to sink the ship as an artificial reef off Torbay  to promote sea life and provide a dive site for recreational divers.

In addition to the bid to sink the ship, “plan[s] to use the Ark Royal as a floating commercial helipad in London. Other proposals include turning it into a school, a nightclub or a base for security personnel during the Olympics.”

All bids are due by 1000 BST on June 13th.

Lost Ark

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