Was the Brillante Virtuoso Ever Under Attack?

U.S. Navy photo by Chief Intelligence Specialist Raynald Lenieux

Was there a pirate attack?  On Wednesday we posted about the reports that the Suezmax tanker Brillante Virtuoso had been attacked by pirates and set on fire.  It is now unclear where such an attack ever took place.  There was indeed a fire in the deck house that caused the crew to abandon ship. Whether there was an actual pirate attack is less clear.  The tanker was assisted by the US guided missile cruiser, USS Philippine Sea. A statement from the Combined Maritiem Forces headedawurters read: “The Philippine Sea found no evidence of pirates and concentrated their efforts on assisting the crew members.”  Despite initial reports of a pirate attack, the US Navy found no evidence of pirate attack.  Likewise, a NATO statement said ‘”No confirmation of piracy.”


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One Response to Was the Brillante Virtuoso Ever Under Attack?

  1. mandb says:

    I’m similarly suspicious. The event has been dropped from the NATO Shipping Centre website having been there a few days ago. (http://www.shipping.nato.int/CounterPir )