2011 Great North River Tugboat Race and Competition

The next Great North River Tugboat Race and Competition is coming up on Labor Day weekend, on September 4th on the Hudson River in New York harbor. If my count is correct, this will be the 19th annual tug boat race.  One of the reasons that he race is held every year sponsored by the Working Harbor Committee is to increase awareness of the importance of the harbor to the city and the world. Their efforts are obviously having an effect. This morning the Wall Street Journal took time out from covering market turmoil to report on the upcoming tugboat race.  (I might take exception to the characterization of tugs as “ugly ducklings” and “dowdy.”  A good article, nevertheless.)   They also produced a video using, in part, footage previously shot for the Old Salt Blog and Will van Dorp’s tugster blog.  Dean Bushala and David Sartorious also contributed footage.  Go here to see our original video of the race in 2009.

A Harbor’s Ugly Ducklings Can’t Resist the Tug of Speed

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  1. will says:

    kudos, rick. nice working with you albeit through an editor.

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