Cradle for Clipper Ship City of Adelaide to Set Sail For Scotland

The City of Adelaide, built in 1864, is the oldest composite clipper ship in the world and is currently sitting on a slipway in Scotland waiting to be brought home to its namesake city.  The plan is for a steel cradle to be assembled beneath the ship so that it may be moved onto a barge and then an oceangoing ship and be carried to Australia.  On Friday at Gillman, South Australia, a ceremony will mark the completion of the base of the cradle, which has been pre-assembled for inspection and will be shipped to Scotland in about a week.

Adelaide firms Aztec Analysis and Bown Contracting and Drafting have designed the cradle so that it can be built over multiple South Australian sites, and then shipped to Glasgow in shipping containers for assembly underneath the City of Adelaide.  In 2010, the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine, Scotland had announced plans scrap the ship. In August of 2010 a proposal by the City of Adelaide Preservation Trust was accepted by the Scottish Culture Ministry to allow the ship to return to the city that bears her name.


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