Nome Fuel Unloaded, USCG Healy and Russian Tanker Renda Must Now Get Out

Photo: David Dodman, KNOM Radio Mission

After spending the better part of a month getting to Nome, Alaska to deliver an emergency supply of fuel to last the winter, the ice-strengthened Russian tanker Renda has finally off-loaded its cargo – 1.3 million gallons of diesel fuel and gasoline for the town of 3,600.  Now, the only problem faced by the tanker and its escort vessel, the USCG icebreaking cutter Healy, is to break back through the ice to open water. The delivery was the first ever winter resupply of the Western Alaskan town by water.  Once clear of the ice, the Renda will return to Russia while the Healy will unload supplies at Dutch Harbor, Alaska before returning to its home port in Seattle.

To follow the Healy’s return through the ice click here: Oceanographic research ship USCGC Healy (USA)   See our previous post – Rescue Mission to Nome – Russian Tanker Renda & USCG Icebreaker Healy Battle Ice to Deliver Fuel

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One Response to Nome Fuel Unloaded, USCG Healy and Russian Tanker Renda Must Now Get Out

  1. Rudi Kammereck says:

    Hi everyone, I’ve been following the return journey of the “Healy” and “Renda” from Nome (after delivering the needed fuel) with great interest. Can anyone explain why both ships hang around Nunivak when it is clear that several serious storms are about to strike the region. I just hope that the ships have enough supplies on hand and that there are no
    or at least manageable mechanical problems