The Shipbuilders of Essex

Here is a wonderful 20 minute film made in 1947 about, as the tile suggests, shipbuilding in Essex, Massachusetts.  It has the slightly corny Hollywood production values of its time but does a good job at showing the construction of a fishing boat from the laying of the keel to the launching.  Notice the characteristic Essex side launch, which hasn’t changed much since at least 1947.  See our previous post of the launch of the pinky  schooner Ardelle. Thanks to the SAIL Ardelle Facebook page for pointing out the video.

The Shipbuilders of Essex

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2 Responses to The Shipbuilders of Essex

  1. will says:

    song and dance aside . . . that’s a great video. about three minutes in, there’s a ref to a “burnham” . . . probably the grandfather of harold . . the burnham who currently runs the yard and who recently launched “ardelle”

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