Update – Costa Allegra: A Big Catch for the Fishing Vessel Trevignon

The 275′ French tuna purse seiner Trevignon has made a much bigger catch than normal – the 28,430 gross tonne cruise ship Costa Allegra.   The Trevignon is slowly towing the cruise ship to Mahé, in the Seychelles, and is expected to arrive early Thursday.   The passengers and crew will have been aboard the ship without power, lights and air conditioning for almost 72 hours. Fresh food  and supplies are being airlifted to the ship by helicopter.  Two tugs are said to have arrived but the Trevignon has continued the tow.  Captain D. Peter Boucher, Kt. SMOM, Dip. LA., MN (Ret.) has interesting commentary on salvage rights and Lloyds Open Form (LOF) as applied to the Trevignon and the Costa Allegra on his blog, Nautical Log.

Costa Allegra passengers endure 72-hour ordeal on deck as ship is towed to safety

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3 Responses to Update – Costa Allegra: A Big Catch for the Fishing Vessel Trevignon

  1. BobK says:

    “Once the salvage is successful that is “Cured” then an Arbitrator sits down and assesses the entire operation to come up with an Award amount for the “Cure” based on the value of the ship, its cargo and or passengers, risks involved, dangers involved and the overall degree of difficulty.”

    I’m not certain, but I think that French fishing crew has cast their last line….

  2. Rick Spilman says:

    How much the crew actually receives is hard to say but I expect the owner will either be able to retire and/or build a new boat or two from the proceeds.

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