Recreating Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Epic Lifeboat Voyage

In 1916, Ernest Shackleton and five sailors set off on an 1300 kilometer voyage to South Georgia Island, across some of roughest waters in the world, in the James Caird, a 6.9 meter lifeboat, in a desperate attempt to reach help and to arrange the rescue of the twenty two men left behind on Elephant Island.  Now, the Shackleton Epic Expedition led by Tim Jarvis has constructed a replica of the James Caird, named the Alexandra Shackleton, in honor of the explorer’s granddaughter.   The expedition will attempt to recreate Shackleton’s truly epic voyage later this year.  Thanks to Alaric Bond for passing along the news.

Polar explorer’s 800 mile lifeboat journey is recreated

An extraordinary adventure

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  3. robert hauge says:

    I am a model boatbuilder and am looking for plans for Shackletons boat the James Caird. Please respond as I have had no luck at this mpoint.