Update: McMurdo Radiation Leaks – Peabody Award & Navy Confirms Veteran’s Exposure

McMurdo Station

In March of 2011, we posted about reporting done by Ron Regan at NewsChannel5 in Cleveland, Ohio, concerning radiation leaks at a nuclear power plant at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. There is concern that these radiation leaks are related  to a string of cancers suffered by Navy veterans contracting cancer after serving at the station. (See Nuclear plant leak in Antarctica suspected of causing cancer.)

Two updates on the story – Yesterday, Ron Regan received a Peabody Award for his reporting on the McMurdo radiation leaks and the cancers suffered by veterans of the base. The George Foster Peabody Award is the oldest and most prestigious prize for excellence in electronic media. Our congratulations to Mr. Regan.

As a direct result of Ron Regan’s reporting, Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio called for an official investigation by the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense. These hearing confirmed that Navy veterans were unwittingly exposed to leaking radiation at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

Federal hearings confirm Navy veterans exposed to leaking radiation first revealed by NewsChannel5

Our exclusive investigation revealed the plant sustained 438 malfunctions and 123 incidents of radiation exposure, prompting Sen. Sherrod Brown, of Ohio, to call for an official investigation by the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense.

As a result, the Veterans Board on Dose Reconstruction recently concluded public hearings in San Antonio and confirmed that veterans, in fact, had been exposed to repeated doses of radiation for years.

A preliminary report by the U.S. Navy describes the exposure as “low level”, but also found that only veterans working inside the plant were actually monitored for exposure.

Thanks to Phil Leon for passing the news along.

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7 Responses to Update: McMurdo Radiation Leaks – Peabody Award & Navy Confirms Veteran’s Exposure

  1. Greg Holcomb says:

    My father was “On the Ice” and passed away this past year after suffering for years with multiple sysmptoms like explained in the Fleet Reserve article. I would be interested in hearing form anyone with additional information.
    Greg Holcomb

  2. Mark Webster says:

    Here it is February 9, 2013 and I was wondering if anything has really been brought forward about their findings. I was a Winter Over from Oct 79-Oct 80 and I know that many of us are still concerned. Thank you

  3. Jackie Ray Lovell says:

    I served in VXE-6 from 1966 to 1970. I was at McMurdo Station 1966, 1967 and wintered over in 1968. My barracks was at the bottom of the hill from the power plant. I am very concerned. I would like additional information.

  4. Vicky says:

    My step dad, John L Melton, served there in the late 60’s. Sadly he passed away at a relatively young age of 54, of lung cancer (in 1985). He was adamant that it was caused by his time at the nuclear plant and, although he was a smoker, his doctors seemed to agree with the likelihood of that, considering the severity of his tumor size and his age. It’s just so sad!! Anyone on here know/remember John?

  5. Pam Landy says:

    In 2006 we received documentation from a group of 4 retired military friends, who all were battling cancers (related to radiation exposure) they were researching the possibility their cancers was related to a Nuclear power plant at Mc Murdo Sound, Antarctica.
    This Nuclear plant had a total of 438 malfunctions and abnormal events from 1964 to 1973.
    Who knew in 2008, we would need their research, to help us build a case,my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Esophageal cancer.
    The 4 who started researching the link to the Nuclear power plant, slowly met their maker, and we picked up, and added reams of evidence, to prove that the Nuclear power plant, released radiation in Antarctica.
    Bill Vogel (made a pack to his friend Charlie Swinney) he would continue to fight for justice in his and others untimely deaths due to radiation exposure.
    Ron Regan (Investigative reporter with WEWS 5 Cleveland) felt this story was worthy reporting and he and his team researched archives, between the 3 of us we found enough to prove the Nuclear power plant, had bearing on radiation exposure, effecting Military personal who had been stationed there, in support for the National Science Foundation.

    At a Veterans Advisory board hearing, the Veterans Affairs and DTRA has agreed that YES ! personal were exposed, and will compensate, its been 7 months since that decision, and people are still fighting with the VA for compensation, and paperwork has been shuffled from one VA to another. How long before the VA make this right, is another story, but could all blow up in the Governments face, while the VA shuffle their feet in making right for the cancer victims and their families, there are a lot of people that were stationed at Mc Murdo after the Nuclear power plant was removed, who now are being diagnosed with Thyroid cancer, a known link to radiation exposure.

    The Nuclear power plant ran on enriched Uranium 235 (this has a 7 million year 1/2 life) Considering the sever weather conditions, you would not have to be a rocket scientist, to not know, Uranium 235 is scattered over the Pristine Antarctica.

    Do the other members of the Antarctic Treaties know the truth about the Nuclear power plant ?

    We have been approached by a well known person, who has made many Documentaries,wanting to make one on the Nuclear power plant in Antarctica and put this out to the World.

    How many other people will contact cancer, related from the radiation exposure, left behind by Uranium 235, that is still down there.
    This is very alarming to us, and the direction this could take, would the Scientists be effected, in going to the Antarctica until an Independent investigation and clean up is done.

    Antarctica is Pristine, this should never of happened and the story needs to be revealed, it not only affects the people that were exposed to radiation exposure, but those that are still going there today……….I bet they have never been told there was a Nuclear power plant there that had so many malfunctions, and left Enriched Uranium 235 scattered to the 4 winds.

    It bothers me that the Government is so deceitful in covering up their mistakes at others expense and lives. Military personal gave their lives for their country, but the politicians and Govt agencies do not care, if they did these people would of been long compensated, and not have to fight for years, for what they are entitled to.

  6. Robert Hammond says:

    I served in VXE-6 from 1970 to 1975.I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I would like more information.

  7. Darrell Wright says:

    I represent a veteran that participated in operation deep freeze on two separate tours from 1963 to 1965. He has a variety of issues that I believe is related to his service ranging from diabetes, vascular disease, hypertension, to prostate problems. Any input would be appreciated.