America’s Cup Racing – the Reason that the Crews Wear Crash Helmets

I have a distinct recollection a photo of Thomas Lipton on one of his Americas Cup challengers sipping a cup of the tea on which his fortune was based.  I can’t find the photograph, so perhaps I shouldn’t trust my memory.  Nevertheless, it is safe to say that America’s Cup racing has changed.  These days the sailors don’t sip tea from porcelain cups; they wear crash helmets. Last Friday, Russell Coutts, skipper of the Oracle boat demonstrated why the helmets are a good idea when he tried, unsuccessfully, to squeeze between the Race Committee boat and another racer at a speed of around 20 knots.  Thanks to Irwin Bryan for passing along the video.

America’s Cup – Jimmy on Russell’s Crash Out


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2 Responses to America’s Cup Racing – the Reason that the Crews Wear Crash Helmets

  1. bowsprite says:

    a good friend, master of a schooner, got boomed so badly two years ago: the main boom cracked loudly and hard against his skull, it is a miracle he is alive. He brought the boat in, docked, got all passengers off safely, staggered off, went into a supply room onshore, passed out and was discovered hours later.
    I would never laugh at anyone sailing with a helmet, never.

  2. Rick Spilman says:

    Oooh, sorry to hear that.