Red Hook Maritime Art & Artifacts for Sale at PortSide NY Fundraiser, Thursday 8/23/12

If you are anywhere near New York harbor this Thursday, Redhook is the place to be. PortSide NY is vacating its pop-up office/gallery and is selling a fascinating range of art and artifacts. Paintings, photographs and illustrations by contemporary artists including Jonathan Atkin, Dennis Doyle, Jim Ebersole, Frank Hanavan, Bill Murphy, Naima Rauam, Christina Sun, and PortSide’s Director Carolina Salguero will be for sale, as will an intriguing range of artifacts and memorabilia from the famed Todd Shipyard, which started in Red Hook. Other items for sale are from Cowhey Brothers Marine Hardware, RMC Canvas & Rope (two Red Hook businesses which closed in 2005), The Beard Stores, and historic Red Hook break-bulk pier operations. A barrel full of late 20th century ship plans are also available. The sale runs through August 30th and kicks off with a reception from 6-9, Thursday on August 23rd, 145 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231. Click here to learn more.

Red Hook Maritime Artifacts for Sale-PortSide fundraiser 8/23/12


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  2. lois bajor says:

    I am saddened to announce the passing of one of the finest marine artists in the world. The ship came in for Jeff Eldredge of Middleboro Mass. during the Christmas holidays.
    His ancestors journyed here on the Mayflower. He spent his life involved in every phase of the nautical world and he created an abundace of wonderful paintings. Truly a native son.