Container Ship Amsterdam Bridge Catches Fire Off Mumbai

The 4,380 TEU container ship  Amsterdam Bridge caught fire on a voyage between Mumbai to Colombo. The ship returned to Mumbai and is now at an outer anchorage.  Recent reports suggests that the fire is contained if not necessarily completely extinguished. is reporting that Coast Guard officials suspect that the fire erupted in the engine room of the vessel.  Other sources say that the fire spread to the mid portion of the ship, which is said to be carrying approximately 112 containers loaded with hazardous cargoes.   No injuries have been recorded.  Thanks to Phil Leon for passing along the news. (Note: the original post misstated the container capacity of the ship. Thanks to Terra for pointing out the error.)

In related news, the container ship MSC Flaminia, which caught fire and was abandoned in the mid-Atlantic on July 14th, has finally arrived at the German port of Wilhelmshaven.

Fire breaks out in merchant ship off Mumbai coast

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4 Responses to Container Ship Amsterdam Bridge Catches Fire Off Mumbai

  1. Terra Bites says:

    A bit confused, there seems to be two contradicting sets of ship particulars for the Amsterdam Bridge undergoing fire control measures at port of Mumbai – one of which states the dimensions of Length 260 metres and Breadth 32 metres. With this dimension carriage of 8000 TEUs is not possible – just inquisitive….

  2. Rick Spilman says:

    Good catch.

    There appears to be a conflict in the figures on the ship. lists her as being 320M long with 42M of beam, which is typical for a ship around 8,000 TEU. Both and have her as 260 M x32 M, a considerably smaller ship of around 4,000 TEU. All three sources have the same IMO number, so all are notionally referring to the same ship.

    I checked the owner’s site (which is what I should have done in the first place) and is wrong the ship is indeed 260 M x32 M and 4,380 TEU. I fixed updated the post and removed the link to

    Thanks for pointing the discrepancy.

  3. Phil says:

    Another video of her burning from “Times Now”:

  4. Query says:

    is it possible to get ship’s layout?