Update 2: Explosion on Oil Rig in Gulf of Mexico – Eleven Injured, Four Critically and Two Missing

Update 2: Current reports say that eleven were injured, four critically. Two workers are still missing.

An oil and gas rig in the Gulf of Mexico, about 20 nautical miles southeast of Grand Isle, La., was hit by an explosion and fire this morning, injuring four and leaving two missing. The US Coast Guard is now searching for the missing crew members. The injured crew have been airlifted to a hospital for treatment. The production platform is owned by Black Elk Energy.

The explosion comes only a day after BP agreed to pay $4.5 billion dollars and plead guilty to 14 criminal charges related to the fire and explosion on the Deepwater Horizon in 2010, which killed 14 and caused the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry.  Thanks to Phil Leon for contributing to the post.

Oil Rig Explosion and Fire in Gulf Coast, Two Missing

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