Old Orchard Shoals Light Swept Away by Superstorm Sandy

Before and after Sandy

The United States Coast Guard Notice to Mariners reads simply – Old Orchard Shoals Light  STRUCT DEST. The Old Orchard Shoals Light was built in 1893 in New York’s outer harbor off Staten Island near Great Kills Beach. The 51-foot tall cast iron spark plug lighthouse stood for 119 years until Superstorm Sandy destroyed it on October 30th.

Staten Island’s Old Orchard Light, a New York Harbor stalwart for 119 years, is swept away

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4 Responses to Old Orchard Shoals Light Swept Away by Superstorm Sandy

  1. will says:

    wow!! i’m surprised i’d not seen this in any other source . . it couldn’t have gone far . . .

  2. The Empath says:

    What a loss. I hate to see our history destroyed and lost. Lighthouses hold a special magic for a lot of us, losing even one is tragic. Sleep well, Old Girl.

  3. Elaine Hunter says:

    Things on which one can always depend are very special
    A lighthouse is one of them
    A sad day it is
    when one of them is lost.

  4. Michelle Williams says:

    It’s such a shame – she stood for 119 years and saw off many storms and hurricanes, but she is no more. Lighthouses have been guiding vessels through our waters for centuries – they serve a great purpose and hold historical significance, we need to take good care of the ones left standing!