Superstorm Sandy, the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid, the Space Shuttle Enterprise and the Titanic II

Space Shuttle Enterprise Pavilion on SS Intrepid Before and After Sandy

When we posted yesterday about the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island being closed by superstorm Sandy, Liam Hegarty pointed out in a comment that the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is also closed until December due to storm damage.

The museum’s newest exhibit, the Space Shuttle Enterprise was damaged by Sandy. It had been housed in a temporary inflatable enclosure on the stern of the aircraft carrier Intrepid.  When the storm struck, it flooded Pier 86 and knocked out the stand-by generators causing the enclosure to collapse. Reportedly the Enterprise’s tail was slightly damaged.   The Enterprise has not had an easy time since it arrived in New York, flying in on the back of its own 747. When in transit by barge from JFK airport to the museum on the Hudson River, one wing was damaged when it struck a railway bridge.  Such are the dangers of parking in New York City.

Intrepid Out of Commission from Sandy, Shuttle Sustains “Minor Damage”

On lesser casualty of the storm was a gala dinner by Australian bllionaire businessman Clive Palmer to unveil his plans for the Titanic II, his new luxury cruise ship which he plans to have built in China’s SinoTrans shipyard. The dinner was have been aboard the Intrepid on December 3rd. It will now be rescheduled to sometime in February.

Australian billionaire delays New York Titanic gala after Sandy

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3 Responses to Superstorm Sandy, the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid, the Space Shuttle Enterprise and the Titanic II

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  2. Peter Wright says:

    Palmer said in an emailed statement.

    “New York had a close relationship with the original RMS Titanic ….,”

    Bob Ballard might not agree.

  3. Count D. Peter Boucher, Kt. SMOM, MN (Ret.) says:

    To my name sake Peter, one could not agree more. Besides the whole idea is absolutely ridiculous and highly disrespectful of the original event. Since I have expressed my feelings strongly in the past about the RMS Titanic I shall not comment further. Good watch.

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