HMS Bounty Tribute Wall Calendar 2013

Amy Mullen has a done a beautiful job producing a 2013 wall calendar in tribute to HMS Bounty.   The photos in the  17″x11″ wall calendar were taken by current or former crew of the ship on her adventures and have the location of the photo denoted. The proceeds of the calendar sales go to support the 2012 surviving crew of the HMS Bounty and families of two lost at sea when the historic tall ship sunk off the coast of North Carolina in Hurricane Sandy.
Amy writes: I sailed on the HMS Bounty in 2010 from from Bridgeport, CT around Nova Scotia and up the St. Lawrence Seaway through the Great Lakes to Duluth, Minnesota. These were the most life changing months I have ever experienced and I am so grateful and have thought of the ship every day since 🙂

HMS Bounty Tribute Wall Calendar

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  1. As a former U.S.Marine I was taught one is not required to follow an illegal order and this is true throughout our services including that of the Merchant Marine. I’m sorry the mates did not challenge their Captain when he chose to set sail down the eastern seaboard while a hurricane was coming up it from the south. To know what it was like under the command of a competent Captain enjoy the experience I had sailing the Bounty from Tampa Bay to and through the Panama Canal: