Maritime Shipbuilding on CBC’s Land & Sea

The CBC’s Land & Sea is without question the favorite television program that I have never watched on television. While I cannot get Canadian broadcasting on my television, Land & Sea fortunately also puts their programming on-line. We have previously posted about their programs “Nova Scotia Schooners” and “Rumrunners.”

This Sunday, December 9th at noon, Land and Sea is featuring “Shipbuilding in the Maritimes” a half hour documentary that focuses on the once-thriving shipbuilding centers in Atlantic Canada were once the most vibrant, productive, and profitable shipbuilding region in the world. Click here to learn more.

Maritime Shipbuilding

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One Response to Maritime Shipbuilding on CBC’s Land & Sea

  1. Thank god that there are still shows that are dedicated to ships and the seafaring culture. It is admirable what the Canadian government is doing; I just hope that there are television programs like these available here in the Philippines.