Peru Lays Keel of La Union, to be the Largest Sail Training Ship in South America

545725The Peruvian navy has laid the keel for its new sail training ship, La Union, at the Marine Industrial Services (Sima) shipyard in Callao. When completed in 2015, the ship will be the largest sail training vessel in South America. The ship will be four masted, with a sparred length of 113.5 m, a sail area of 3,500 m2, and will displace 3,500 tons.

Infographic: so will the training ship that builds Peru

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5 Responses to Peru Lays Keel of La Union, to be the Largest Sail Training Ship in South America

  1. Shane Crawford says:

    I only wish that my own country, Canada would build a tall ship. Our country is steeped in maritime tradition and yet doesn’t have one except for old steel hulled ships converted to brigantines, run by the private sector. I’m sure the navy, reserves and cadets would amply fill all the berths.

  2. Rhys says:

    It’s true that Canada does have a deep maritime tradition, and that it is not fully recognized, but I think there are some great ships hailing from Canadian ports. In particular, are you familiar with St. Lawrence II, Pathfinder or Playfair? These are purpose-designed and built as sail training vessels, not conversions. The cadets have used each of the ships at different times over the years.

  3. Wayne Walters says:

    Agreed. Something in the 200 ft+ range. Could be supported from training Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. Long deep sea voyages.

  4. Guido says:

    You could order a vessel to Peru, high quality for a descent price.

  5. AB from NY says:

    On January 27, 2016 the Peruvian Navy commissioned their a four-masted steel hulled full rigged barque that will not only serve to train their naval officers and servicemen, but it has also been conceived to serve as ambassador for her home country. The BAP Union is one of the largest tall ships in the world.
    Can’t wait to see her sailing under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.