The Hurricane Sandy Pollution Response Unified Command Tackles the John B. Caddell

I have great admiration for those whose successfully navigate the rocks and shoals of the bureaucracy in order to get anything done around New York harbor. A Coast Guard press release brought this to mind. The US Coast Guard is working with at least eight other agencies to develop a plan to remove the John B. Caddell, a 700 gross ton water tanker, that washed up on Front Street, in Staten Island, NY during Hurricane Sandy.

The Coast Guard is working with the Army Corps of Engineers, the New York City Office of Emergency Management, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, New York State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, New York Department of Environmental Conservation, New York City Sheriff’s Department, Joint Field Office Queens, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Environmental Protection Agency and Oil Spill Response Organizations to remove the tanker and to develop a solution to eliminate the pollution threat.

Unified Command developing plan for John B. Caddell removal

So far the owner of the ship has not been identified which has complicated its removal. Thanks to Dave Shirlaw on the MARHST-L list for pointing out the press release.

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