The Strange New World of Single-handed Racing – Alex Thomson Vendée Globe Week 4 Highlights

In 1969 in the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, the first non-stop, single-handed, round-the-world yacht race, there was considerable concern for Robin Knox Johnson whose radio had malfunctioned off New Zealand.  Four months later, he was able to make contact with a British tanker using his signal lamp, letting the world know that he was OK.  Knox-Johnston was the only competitor to complete the race and went to be declared the winner.

How times have changed. The video below features the Week 4 highlights of Alex Thomson sailing the Open 60 Hugo Boss in the waters South of the Cape of Good Hope in the Vendée Globe single-handed around the world race.  Thomson is currently in fifth place in the highly competitive race and has reported speeds of over 30 knots which he describes as “terrifying and stressful.”  In addition to sailing to avoid icebergs, he also managed to appear live on BBC Breakfast, a morning television news program, where among other things he chatted about football scores.  Thomson suggests that those who wish to keep up wit the latest on his race should follow him on Twitter @AlexThomson99.

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