Classic Liner Queen Elizabeth 2 – Bound for the Scrapyard or the Thames?

RMSQueenElizabeth2Just before Christmas we posted about reports that the Queen Elizabeth 2 had been sold to Chinese scrappers for £20m after plans to convert the ship to a luxury hotel in Dubai fell through. Now there is an eleventh hour proposal to bring the iconic ship to London to be moored on the Thames. The plan being discussed would permanently place the ship alongside Carlsberg Wharf – opposite the O2 Arena, and near the Emirates Cable Car, Excel Conference Centre, and Canary Wharf.  Like the previous plan in Dubai, the ship would be converted to a luxury hotel. Whether the new scheme will be able to attract sufficient funding in time to save the ship is not yet clear.

Could the QE2 be setting sail for the Thames? Plan to save iconic cruise liner from Chinese scrap yard by turning it into floating luxury hotel

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