Happy Bounty Day! Barque Picton Castles Arrives at Pitcairn Island

Barque Picton Castle

Barque Picton Castle

Happy Bounty Day! On Pitcairn Island, Bounty Day is celebrated yearly on January 23, in commemoration of the burning of the HMS Bounty by the mutineers in 1790.  The sail training ship Picton Castle arrived just in time to partake in the celebrations. From the Captain’s Log/Facebook:

All hands were woken at 0700 to sail past Adamstown, Pitcairn Island. At 0810 we anchored off Tedside in light conditions, with 3 shots of chain out in 10 fathoms of water, concluding a 25 day passage from the Galapagos. Hello Pitcairn! We made it to Pitcairn just in time to celebrate Bounty Day – looking forward to sharing in the festivities! Happy Bounty Day to all!

The Picton Castle is a three masted steel barque operating as sail training vessel currently on a South Pacific voyage.  After transiting the Panama canal the Picton Castle sailed for the Galapagos and then on to Pitcairn. The  voyage will take the ship to French Polynesia, onward through the Cook islands with stops in Tonga and Samoa before ending in Rarotonga.

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