Loaded Cannon from HMS Hussar Found In New York’s Central Park

Workers from New York’s Central Park Conservancy were removing rust from a cannon originally from the British 28 gun frigate HMS Hussar, which sank in New York’s East River in 1780.  After removing a concrete plug from the mouth of the cannon, they were shocked to realize that the gun was still loaded with round shot, wadding and a cartridge of powder. The cannon had been donated to the city in 1865 and had been on display before being moved to a shed in Central Park for safe keeping.  Almost, though not quite, a “blast from the past.”


Somehow it doesn’t seem surprising that the ship in question is the HMS Hussar.  Shortly after the Hussar sank after hitting Pot Rock in Hell Gate in 1780, a rumor emerged that the ship was carrying gold to pay British troops in Rhode Island.  There appears to be no documentation anywhere that there was gold aboard the ship but that has not stopped treasure hunters from searching for the past two hundred plus years.  To learn more see “The Endless Search for the HMS Hussar”: New York’s Legendary Treasure Shipwreck by Robert Apuzzo.


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2 Responses to Loaded Cannon from HMS Hussar Found In New York’s Central Park

  1. walt says:

    This is a problem endemic to truly Muzzle loaded cannons, muskets, and rifles. how to unload one after a misfired round. I remember hearing of building a camp fire and cooking the round out. They’ve found totally inoperable rifles with multiple rounds loaded into their barrels..
    -Mission accomplished, and no one got hurt!

  2. Newport jack says:

    Just goes to show another group of morerons that don’t know what weapons safety is and theses are the educated ones.. Reminded me of last spring in the Capitol building in providence ri when me and my boy where in the dome room looking at a rev war cannonaid that was spiked and my son looks at the tour guide while sticking his small arm down the barrel his 6, and says while laying his arm on top of it and says “excuse me sir,do you know this thing is loaded” with about 100 people standing around it,the guide says “a Huh”, he now says ” hey dum ass do you realize this thing can blow up and kill us all !!” From the mouth of babes. Now interject a bit of Chaos!!!! Have you ever been in a room where everyone is trying to get out but you?? Hahaha,this has been the best moment in my life!!!! Long story short,the cannonade is in my museum being disarmed. Ooo for the love of owning a pirate museum. Capt. Newport jack. Ps. No we didn’t put it in a fire !!! Of all the dumbstupid Idiotic things I have ever heard of ..