One Way to Win a Bass Fishing Tournament – Steal Your Own Bass

stoelnbassLast summer, 29 year old Matthew Clark almost won the latest Bailiwick Bass Club Open Challenge in Guernsey.  The almost 14 pound fish that he presented at the weigh in should have the won the the £800 first prize if one of the judges had not recognized the fish, which had two distinctive markings on its head. The fish had apparently been stolen from the local Guernsey Aquarium where Clark was an employee.  The fish thief was taken into police custody.  The bass, unfortunately, died before it could be returned to the aquarium.  The case came to court last week and as reported by the BBC, Clark “was sentenced at Guernsey Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, for theft and fraud.”  Thanks to Alaric Bond for passing on this felonious fish story.

Stolen Bass Used in Competition

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3 Responses to One Way to Win a Bass Fishing Tournament – Steal Your Own Bass

  1. walt says:

    In the day, they used to gut the winning fish on the party boats:
    Sometimes, there would be extra lead weights in the fish’s stomach.
    If you can’t trust the people your drinking beer with, and fishing with
    who can you trust!

  2. Benjamin says:

    Nice post. I am really interested about this fishing tournament.

  3. Christopher says:

    Wow you have got to be kidding me, that is going to great links to win a tourney.