Recreation of Shackleton’s Epic Lifeboat Voyage Gets Underway

Photo: Shackleton Epic

Photo: Shackleton Epic

In the Antarctic winter of 1916, Ernest Shackleton and a crew of five sailed in a decked over lifeboat from Elephant Island to South Georgia. They were on a desperate rescue mission across 800 miles of the roughest ocean in the world, seeking help for the rest of the crew of the Shackleton’s expedition, which had spent two years on the Antarctic ice. Now almost 100 years later, the Shackleton Epic Expedition led by Tim Jarvis has set off from near Point Wild on Elephant Island to recreate the extraordinary voyage in a replica lifeboat, named the Alexandra Shackleton, in honor of the explorer’s granddaughter. See our previous post from last March.

Adventurers recreate ‘greatest survival story’ of the Antarctic

Shackleton’s Epic Voyage Recreated By Explorers

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