World War II Lard “Good Enough to Have a Fry Up With” Washes Ashore in Scotland

stcyruslardsnhRecent winter storms have washed ashore four large, barrel-shaped pieces of lard onto the beach at St.Cyrus nature reserve in Scotland.  They are believed to be from the wreck of a merchant vessel that was bombed in WW II.  Therese Alampo, St Cyrus reserve manager, said, “The depth of the swell during the storms we had over the holidays must have broke apart the shipwreck some more and caused the lard to escape….The lard was covered in the largest barnacles I’ve ever seen. Animals, including my dog, have certainly enjoyed the lard, and it still looks and smells good enough to have a fry up with.”  Personally, I would prefer to avoid “fry ups” with barnacle covered lard, but perhaps I am being too picky.  Thanks to Niall Sinclair for passing the news along.

WWII lard washes up on beach at St Cyrus nature reserve

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