Deadly Lifeboat – Five Crew Dead and Three Injured in Falling Lifeboat on Thomson Majesty

tmajestylifeboatFive crew members on the cruise ship Thomson Majesty are reported to have died and three others were injured after a lifeboat fell 65 feet into the water during a safety drill at the port of Santa Cruz in La Palma, in Spain’s Canary Islands.  The liefeboat flipped and trapped the eight men inside.  Three of the dead were Indonesian, one was Filipino and another was from Ghana. All the dead and injured to reported to be male.  None of the 1,400 passengers aboard the ship were involved in the accident.  An investigation is underway to determine the cuase of the accident.  Thanks to Miroslav and Phil Leon for passing along the news.

Five killed and three injured after lifeboat falls into sea off Canary Islands cruise ship

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