M/Y Eclipse, the World’s Largest Yacht, in New York Harbor

In October 2009, we posted “Rich Men’s Toys – Battleships, Helipads & Submarines,” about several mega-yachts, including the world’s largest, Roman Abramovich’s 557 feet (170 meters) M/Y Eclipse.  The yacht arrived in New York harbor this week and is now tied up on the Hudson River in mid-town.

The yacht features an armor plated master suite and bullet proof windows in the accommodations area and bridge. She also has two heliports, an advanced radar system designed to warn of incoming missiles and a submarine which can also serve as an escape pod. There are accommodations for 24 guests, with a crew of 70 as well as two swimming pools, a movie theater and a dance floor.

Have You Seen The World’s Largest Private Yacht In NYC?

YACHT ECLIPSE Arrives New York Harbor 2-13-2013

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