Trevor Grills of the Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends, Dies at 54

Trevor Grill was a self employed builder from Port Isaac on Cornwall’s rugged north coast, who enjoyed getting together with friends to sing sea shanties and folk songs.  The group came to call themselves the Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends and they performed at various gigs, from bars to folk festivals, in the area for around fifteen years.  Then in 2010, they were thrust into the spotlight when Universal Records offered then a recording contract worth £1 million.

Trevor Gills died earlier this month in an accident at a concert hall in Guildford, Surrey, where he had been due to perform with the Fisherman’s Friends. He was 54. The band’s tour manager, Paul McMullen, also was killed in the accident. Grills is survived by his wife, Lesley, and three sons, Mark, Paul and Josh. Thanks to Alaric Bond for passing along the sad news. Below, Trevor Grills leading the Fisherman’s Friends in “The Last Leviathan.”

Trevor Grills obituary


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2 Responses to Trevor Grills of the Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends, Dies at 54

  1. Phil says:

    Mr Grills, 54, suffered critical injuries after being hit by a falling metal door at the G Live building in Guildford, Surrey on February 9, He died in hospital two days later.