Update: Grim Conditions Aboard Carnival Triumph Under Tow to Mobile

Conditions aboard the Carnival Triumph are reported to be growing increasingly grim. Since the ship was disabled by an engine room fire on Sunday off the coast of Mexico with over 4,000 passengers and crew aboard, there has no hot food, no hot water, sweltering indoor temperatures, and few working toilets. Passengers have complained of toilets overflowing inside cabins and the smell of rotting food due to the lack of refrigeration. Access to fresh water is limited and lines for food are very long. Many passengers are reported to be sleeping on deck to avoid the heat and the smells.  The ship was approximately 150 miles from the Mexican port of Progreso when the fire occurred, but apparently drifted 90 miles northward on the Yucatan Current. Originally the company announced that the ship was to be towed to Mexico, but the decision was then made to made to tow the ship to Mobile, Alabama. This will simply the arranging travel for the disembarking passengers but has added an additional day’s time in getting the ship to port.   Thanks to Bobbi Sheffield for contributing to this post.

Passengers on Crippled Carnival Cruise Ship Describe Worsening Conditions

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2 Responses to Update: Grim Conditions Aboard Carnival Triumph Under Tow to Mobile

  1. Barista Uno says:

    Accidents involving cruise ships are happening too often for comfort. What’s the cruise industry doing to improve maritime safety?

  2. Ms. BARISTA UNO: Have a good look at the design, place more back up equipment on board and training, training, training, as EMSA will be doing this year. Too much false STCW are being issued in certain countries.

    Good Watch.