World’s Largest Message in a Bottle – Savvy Marketing or a Hazard to Navigation?

solobottleThe Norwegian soft drink Solo produced by Ringnes, Oskar Sylte, Aass, and Mack is extremely popular in Norway but virtually unknown in the United States. To increase visibility in other markets, the firms have had built a 24′ (8M) bottle in which they will place a case of Solo, an orange drink, and a “12 square meter personal letter to the finder.”  The bottle is insured and equipped with navigation lights required for a drifting object in international waters, as well as solar panels, satellite-communications, tracking technology and a custom camera which will upload an image every 8 hours.  Controversial Norwegian celebrity-adventurer Jarle Andhøy will be on hand to launch the bottle from Tenerife in the Canary Islands, on Wednesday March 13th at 11.30am.

Explorer Launches the World’s Largest Message-in-a-Bottle 

The Making of The Worlds Largest Solo Message-In-A-Bottle from Niche AS on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to World’s Largest Message in a Bottle – Savvy Marketing or a Hazard to Navigation?

  1. beachmama says:

    I am horrified that they would allow this hunk of garbage in to our ocean! The whole concept of marketing this way disgusts me.

  2. Gary Doherty says:

    I guess the idea of polluting the seas is missed on them!
    Kids everywhere throwing there non biodegradable bottles into the sea… great idea!

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