MOL Comfort – Bow & Stern Still Afloat After All

Photo: MRCC Mumbai

Photo: MRCC Mumbai

In our post yesterday we described the MOL Comfort as having “sunk.” That was in error. The ship did indeed break in two, but both halves are still afloat, at least according to recent photographs.

MRCC MUMBAI: Sections of MOL COMFORT still afloat

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10 Responses to MOL Comfort – Bow & Stern Still Afloat After All

  1. Anton says:

    Here are published all available photos of the fractured MOL Comfort

  2. Anton says:

    Sorry guys for the spam but the worst for MOL Comfort really happened – it sunk:

  3. Anton says:

    Here is the latest update on MOL Comfort from Jun 20:

  4. Anton says:

    I post the todays positions of the fore and aft parts and here:

  5. Anton says:

    Hi guys,
    here is the latest reported update on the positions of both parts of MOL Comfort:

  6. Anton says:

    Here is the today’s update including the inspection of MOL Comfort’s 6 sister ships:–Inspection-of-its-6-sister-ships

  7. Anton says:

    MOL COMFORT UPDATE: Initial Inspections show the fore part leans forward; drifting forward to India:

  8. Anton says:

    Here is the photo of the fire onboard the fore part of MOL Comfort and the report on July 8th

  9. Anton says:

    Happened and the expected: the fore part of the ship sank, too:

  10. Pankaj maan says:

    I think 90%accidents happens bcoz of human we know crew is from russia and phillipines so itz clear there are some mistake thst can be done by phillipino monkeys also..