Darwin, Australia’s Beer Can Regatta

Last week, the Lion’s Club of Darwin, Australia held their 40th Annual Beer Can Regatta. The regatta raises funds for local charities through a fun event which is described as “uniquely Territorian in character and spirit.”  Apparently nothing says Darwin, Australia like bear and boats. Sounds like a great place to me.  As reported by the BBC: Now in its 40th year, the regatta has grown to include more than 65 beer can boats. Some are made from more than 1,500 empty cans, some range 12m in length and some come from countries as far as Canada and Belgium.  For those who do not know how to build a beer can boat, the Darwin Lion’s Beer Regatta Association has its own “Canstructors Guide to Canstructing a Can Boat.”  Some race competitors are on permanent display at The Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney.   Some of the competitors from last year:

Beer Can Regatta

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2 Responses to Darwin, Australia’s Beer Can Regatta

  1. Rick Rudofsky says:

    Our local Lions Club should try this instead of building bird houses out of wine corks. I guess the Darwinians drink their repair parts on the spot