Update: Fore Section of MOL Comfort Also Sinks After Fire and Attempted Tow


Photo: Vesselfinder.com

Following an out of control fire, the forward section of the container ship MOL Comfort  finally sank yesterday. The ship had broken in half twenty four days ago on June 17th in the Arabian Sea, bound from Singapore to Jeddah, loaded with 4,500 containers. Initially both sections of the ship remained afloat, until on June 27, the stern section sank while under tow.

An attempt was made to salvage the forward section as well, but a fire broke out in the cargo over the weekend while under tow. Following attempts to get the fire under control, the forward portion of the ship sank in the Indian Ocean near 19’56″N 65’25″E at 19:00 on July 10 UTC in approximately 3,000 meters of water.  Approximately 1,600 metric tons of fuel oil and other oils were estimated to be in the tanks of the fore section of the ship when it sank.  Thanks to Anton for the heads up.

MOL COMFORT UPDATE: Fore part Sank after Fire onboard

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