Captain Wanted for 172 Year Old Whaling Ship, Charles W. Morgan – No Captain Ahabs Need Apply

morgan1Mystic Seaport is looking for a new captain for the newly rebuilt whaling ship, Charles W. Morgan. The whaler first sailed in 1841 and is scheduled to undertake a  three month voyage next summer.  The captain must have a 500-ton Near Coastal Master license and have 10 years of command experience on traditional sailing vessels with extensive knowledge in square-rig sailing.

Additionally, he or she must have skills in managing people and the press, as the sailing of the historic ship is expected to attract considerable attention.  Dana Hewson, the museum’s vice president for Watercraft Preservation and Programs, said of potential candidates for the job, “They have to be absolutely qualified to manage this artifact, which has national and international importance. They also have to embrace the role of the public nature of this endeavor.”  No Captain Ahabs need apply.

Wanted: captain for 172-year-old whaleship

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