Composite Clipper Ship City of Adelaide Afloat At Last – First Leg of Her Way Home

cityofabargeAfter more than two decades, the City of Adelaide, the world’s oldest surviving clipper ship, is afloat again! The 1864 built clipper ship, supported by a 100 ton steel cradle, has been moved onto a pontoon barge and is being transported by tug on the first leg of her voyage home to her namesake city in Australia. The ship will initially be towed to London. She will then be loaded onto a heavy-lift ship to be transported to Australia. The ship has been sitting onshore in Irvine, Scotland since 1992, after sinking in 1989.  The formal transfer of ownership of the ship to its new owners, Clipper Ship City of Adelaide, took place on Friday.

Historic clipper City of Adelaide ‘floats again’ for first time since 1991

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