City of Adelaide – a Ship Renamed, a Duke Showered in Champagne, & Funding Approved

337225-86624bc2-29a5-11e3-8b19-50b18379ccf2The composite clipper ship, City of Adelaide, which had been renamed HMS Carrick, was officially renamed the City of Adelaide once at a ceremony on the River Thames at Greenwich near London.  Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was accidentally sprayed with champagne during the ceremony, but was good-natured about it all, remarking “how very Australian.”    The renaming ceremony for the 1864 built clipper ship was held near where the only other surviving composite clipper, Cutty Sark is preserved in drydock.  City of Adelaide is five years older than the Cutty Sark.  Both are composite clippers, which means that they have wooden planks over iron or steel frames and keel.

Philip showered with champagne at ship ceremony

The City of Adelaide was recently moved by barge from Irvine, Scotland.  She will now be taken to a port in Europe where she will be loaded on a heavy-lift ship for transport to her namesake port in Australia. Until recently, the funding for the transport was in question. Only in the last few days has the new Australian government confirmed that it will fund the $850,000 to fund part of the shipping fees.  The government largess, is however, rather limited.  The funding is subject to an agreement that the Commonwealth will not provide any further money for the project.

Federal Government confirms it will provide $850,000 for the City of Adelaide clipper ship’s journey to Largs North


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