Historic Clipper City of Adelaide’s Voyage Home in Limbo? Will New Government Write the Check?


Photo: Simon Burchett

The clipper ship City of Adelaide is supposed to be transported by heavy-lift ship back to Australia in the near future. Scottish taxpayers have already chipped in $1.2 million.  The City of Adelaide Trust, however, has been unable to book the heavy-lift ship because the government of Australia has not delivered on a promised $850,000 contribution toward the transportation. It is possible that the funds may not be forthcoming at all.  The problem is that Labor Party was voted out in the recent election and a new Coalition is in power.  The new Environment Minister Greg Hunt is now asking for more information about the project’s cost and “heritage values” before making any commitment.   Questioning the “heritage value” of the historic ship at this late date is extremely disturbing.

Historic City of Adelaide clipper ship journey home to SA in limbo over heritage assessment

Port Adelaide Enfield Mayor Gary Johanson urged Mr Hunt to make a speedy decision on the City of Adelaide project. “This would be a major disgrace for not only Port Adelaide but for Australia if the Federal Government does not follow through with this funding commitment,” Mr Johanson said.

There are also reports that the historic ship will not actually return to its namesake port city but instead will be moored in an area described as “the backwaters” of the Port River.

City of Adelaide clipper ship to be moored in ‘backwater’ of Largs North – not Port Adelaide

Councillor Bruce Johansen said the site was “in the backwaters” of the Port River.  “So much money has been spent getting the City of Adelaide to Port Adelaide and it was meant to be a big attraction for the area, but instead it looks like it will now just lay derelict in an area no one will visit,” Cr Johansen said.  “I am very disappointed with the site that has been allocated to the ship.

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4 Responses to Historic Clipper City of Adelaide’s Voyage Home in Limbo? Will New Government Write the Check?

  1. Chris Roche says:

    At this stage as the group has made such sterling strides over the past few years dithering now in a bloody disgrace.

    Regards Chris

  2. James Barr says:

    I am from Scotland so far be it for me to indicate what your government should I lived not far from where she lay for ten years and was over at Irvine daily photographing the progress and the work being done to get her ready for her journey,i was there and took lots of photo’s on the final day and also did a video,i think it would be an absolute disgrace if the she doesn’t get back to Adelaide,and also another disgrace if she is put out in thw backwater as suggested,so to all those who have the power of decision get her back to where she belongs and remember the part she played in building your country.

    James Barr

  3. Jimmy Hamilton says:

    I think Sunderland is sitting waiting for her if all else fails.. ..

  4. Whilst individuals in Sunderland may still hope the ship returns, there is no evidence that the key authorities and politicians in Sunderland have any interest. They see only a liability and not an opportunity. For anyone to take her on requires a huge amount of pre-planning so for Adelaide to get cold feet now is very bad form. I have blogged in more detail http://robertatforsythe.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/carrick-city-of-adelaide-leaves-irvine.html .