Fishlove 2013 — Celebrities Posing Naked with Dead Fish

Gillian-Anderson---conger-006Overfishing, particularity deep sea trawling, is doing grave damage to the ocean’s fish population. What can be done about it?  A group of celebrities – actors, musicians and artists – are taking off their clothes and posing with dead fish to raise awareness of the problem. It is called Fishlove 2013.  How effective is the campaign? To be completely honest, when I see American actor Gillian Anderson with a dead conger eel draped around her neck, my first thought is not necessarily “we must stop deep ocean trawling.”   Nevertheless, the photography is artistic and interesting. Click here to see a slideshow. Better yet, click here to sign a petition to help protect deep ocean life.

Fishlove 2013 – in pictures


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2 Responses to Fishlove 2013 — Celebrities Posing Naked with Dead Fish

  1. No doubt it is a generational different perspective but one finds this rather obscene and the photos are not even attractive.
    How it serves any purpose in saving the seas or helping fish stocks to develop and thrive is questionable. This is pseudo-environmental nonsense and detracts from the real efforts of those of us who are really interested and working to protect the seas and fish stocks.

    Good Watch.

  2. Rick Spilman says:

    I agree that the campaign is a very ineffective means of communicating their message.