Clipper Round the World Race — Dramatic Man-Overboard Rescue

Andrew Taylor, 46, from London, a crew member on Derry~Londonderry~Doire yacht, racing in the Clipper Round the World Race, went overboard in the Pacific at 23.43 UTC Sunday night in rough weather. He was sighted again at 00.55 UTC before being recovered at approx. 01.13 UTC (13.13 local time, 30 March). Dramatic footage of the rescue has been posted on Youtube:

Derry~Londonderry~Doire successfully recovers man overboard during Clipper Round the World

From the Clpper Round the World website:

Following his recovery, Andrew was taken below decks for treatment by the on board medic, crew member Susie Redhouse (42) also from London, who is a paramedic clinical tutor. She reports he is suffering from shock and may have hypothermia. His condition is being monitored closely, but he appears to be in relatively good spirits and is talking with fellow crew members.

“The MOB procedures were put into practice flawlessly by the crew in difficult conditions,” stated Clipper Race founder and Chairman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. “It is a tribute to their training and determination that Andrew was successfully recovered. It is always a concern when we have a major incident and we will want to analyse the circumstances in detail to see if there is anything we need to learn or review as a result.”…

This is only the third ever incident in the Clipper Race’s eighteen year history that someone has had to be recovered from the water. In both previous incidents, the crew members were rescued within minutes.

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