Capt. Schettino Lectures on Emergency Procedures? Really?

captschCaptain Francesco Schettino recently gave a two-hour lecture on emergency procedures to criminal science masters candidates at Rome’s Sapienza University. Yes, this is the same Capt. Schettino who ripped open the side of the cruise ship Costa Concordia on a reef, then ignored the ship’s safety management procedures by delaying the order to abandon ship for at least an hour, until the ship was aground on a rocky bottom. The grounding caused the ship to partially capsize. The same Schettino who abandoned the crippled cruise ship early in the evening. The same Capt. Schettino who is now on trial for multiple counts of manslaughter and abandoning his ship.  32 passengers and crew died when the ship sank and rolled over.

Who thought that this would be a good idea? The university dean, Luigi Frati, isn’t wild about the idea, and is seeking disciplinary action against the professor who invited the captain to share his wisdom and experience.  The dean is not the only one upset. As reported by ABC News: Italy’s education minister called the news “disconcerting,” while the prosecutor in Tuscany who is arguing for Schettino’s guilt expressed indignation also at reports that Schettino had been awarded a diploma.

Furor After Concordia Captain Gives Seminar

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3 Responses to Capt. Schettino Lectures on Emergency Procedures? Really?

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  2. walt says:

    He’s still a licensed captain, right.

  3. John Barltrop says:

    ……….and that proves what???